About Cloud Theatrics

A Group with a Common Passion

Cloud Theatrics was founded as a way to adapt and reimagine theatre safely during Covid-19.

We are committed to providing professional quality virtual theatre to a global audience by bringing together directors, actors, and technicians from around the world to explore and express their artistic ideas.



How can I audition for the company?

We hold yearly open calls in October! Keep your eyes on our social media for more information about our 2021 open calls!

Where can I watch your shows?

You can find all of our shows on our Youtube Channel!

How can I support the company?

You can support us just by watching our shows! But if you would like to contribute financially you can donate to our Ko-Fi or subscribe to our Patreon where you can get exclusive access to behind the scenes content and support the company at the same time!

What is your next show?

The next show we will be doing in 2021 is called 'The Red Line: An Anthology' by Julia Whitten. This will be our company's first original show and we are very excited about it!