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A Very Potter Musical Was Totally Awesome

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hi there! This is Emily writing, you may know me as Goyle and Rumbleroar from our recent production of A Very Potter Musical!

It's crazy that it's almost been a month since our production and I thought that I would take this opportunity to look back on some of my highlights!

So without wasting any more time lets get going!


I first found out about this performance when my good friends Anna and Cassie posted about running auditions for the show and I just knew I had to be in it. Being the weirdo that I am, I decided I wanted to play Goyle, so I posted my audition and subsequently was contacted by Anna saying that I had been given the part!

The show was organised through a discord server and when I joined the server I found that I was one of the first few there so I got to greet everyone as they joined!

It's really crazy looking back because I remember being really nervous about meeting all of these new people, but now I talk to them all every day!

For this production all of our rehearsals tool place over zoom with full cast rehearsals every Sunday. Those full cast rehearsals always left me with a big smile on my face! Particularly the first one we did where we choreographed 'Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts' and very quickly established that zoom mirrors the cameras (As we were all lifting up different hands when Hannah the choreographer said right!).

The first few weeks of rehearsals were music-related and I remember that the first song to be completely finished was 'Harry', which actually made me tear up the first time I listened to it due to the wonderful talents of Coley and our musical director Isaac!

Gradually as more and more songs began to be finished we all started to realise that we were actually doing this! The idea that a bunch of Harry Potter obsessed tiktokkers from all over the world were putting together a whole musical over zoom was initially crazy, but it was all beginning to come together!

This was never cemented further in my mind than the first time we all listened to 'Get Back To Hogwarts'. It was very surreal to hear the song all come together as previously we had only heard our own parts!

A week before the show I had finally submitted all of my choreography videos and had very little to do until the actual performance, which, as anyone who has done theatre before will know, is not usually the case as tech week is filled with stress and late-night rehearsals!

I take my hat off to the wonderful production team of A Very Potter Musical however as they were the ones doing all of the extra work, spending sleepless nights editing the videos and music to make them perfect before the show.

The first time most of us saw the song videos was the day of the dress rehearsal. I wish you guys could have been there it was wonderful. The chat of the zoom was popping off with all of us complimenting anyone and everyone- especially Mark and Cassie who did all of the video editing (which looked amazing by the way!)

The dress rehearsal was filled with many many internet delays which spawned many hilarious moments for the cast and crew 'The snake took your vocal chords!' being just one when Snape found himself muted during his death scene!

In contrast to this, the actual show itself went relatively smoothly, all of us have worked out by this point how to iron out any technical issues we had with zoom resulting in a very very fun show!

Digital Dramatics itself was formed out of the whole company's collective love for each other as none of us wanted to see our journey end with AVPM.

I will always look back on this production with a smile on my face and I'm so excited to see where this wonderful theatre family goes next!


You can find our full performance of A Very Potter Musical on our youtube channel.

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