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Being Lady Windermere

Updated: Feb 1, 2021


2020 has been a really wonderful time to be a newly graduated acting major. I have so missed being in shows and having a community. Luckily, Digital Dramatics has filled that void completely, especially with the rehearsal process of Lady Windermere’s Fan. This show is such a wild ride of emotions from silly humor to heartbreaking moments and so much love all around.

Playing Lady Windermere has meant that, with the exception of one scene I’m in, every single rehearsal has been exhausting, but also so fun! The cast of this show are some of the best, funniest, and most chaotic people that I have ever met. From day one, we’ve all bonded so much and really challenged ourselves to think about the language of this play. We’ve had many discussions about Oscar Wilde and what our characters mean, not just in the sense of the play itself, but also to us.

It has been such an amazing experience really getting to dive into the character of Margaret Windermere. Looking at her objectively, you see a very stiff girl who is obsessed with keeping things proper and polite. But beyond that, she is a girl who has devoted her life to this ideal mother she thought she had. A mother whose name Lady Windermere’s father forbids her from saying. It is worth noting that she and her mother share the same name, a fact I think about a lot. She must have been so hurt, thinking her dad did not want to associate with her at all because she was a living, breathing reminder of the woman who left him.

Our new twist on the show has added a whole new level to the story as well. Lady Darlington is not some playboy or flirt. She is a woman trying to express herself. Allie (Darlington) and myself have spent a lot of time thinking about how we both personally see their relationship. I see it as Margaret’s internal struggle between what she thinks is proper and right versus a love she never dreamed she could feel.

On a sillier note, this cast is absolutely bonkers. I look forward to every single rehearsal because I know we will be laughing so hard. While it can be derailing at times, it’s also very fun. There is a long running joke that part of the reason the Windermeres are fighting is because Lord Windermere won’t let Margaret get a dog. Skylar (Lord Windermere) and I have had several improvised screaming matches all centered around this dog. It is very entertaining. There was also a speed-through that was done during one rehearsal meant to help us with memorization that quickly turned into all of us losing our minds. We are able to take all of the hard moments so well and balance it with humor. It has been an absolute joy to work with every single person.

To the cast and crew, I just want to say how happy it’s made me to have the pleasure of working with you all. This show was not the easiest feat, but everyone has handled it so well and adapted to doing everything virtually like absolute pros. I have so greatly enjoyed every second, and I cannot believe that the time has come to present our hard work to the public. If you are looking for any reason to come see this show: come for the magic. I know it sounds cliché, but the way that everyone in the cast comes in and performs is simply magical. There is electricity you can feel through the screen, and not just because you are watching on a phone, laptop, iPad, Google glass, or whatever you have.

Come see the magic of Lady Windermere’s Fan on December 19th at 2:00 PM or 7:00 PM EST. It’s going to be incredibly amusing!

-Anna Gould, Lady Windermere


Visit our homepage to save your seat! Tickets are free, but donations to our Ko-fi are greatly appreciated as our company is fully funded by your donations!

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