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Introducing Cloud Theatrics!

Happy 02/01/2021, everyone! The big day is here, and we can finally announce what we’ve been hinting at for the past week! To say it’s been painful to keep this secret for so long would be an understatement, because the whole company has been so excited to get the word out! But we did it!

Digital Dramatics has taken the saying “new year, new me” to heart, and we will now be known as Cloud Theatrics!

Due to some licensing issues, we realized that if we wanted our company to continue growing then we’d have to make a few changes— specifically the name. It might sound a bit shocking, but change is not always a bad thing. We’ve used this opportunity to celebrate the growth of Digital Dramatics! What started out as several friends coming together to create something “totally awesome” has become a company of over 50 insanely talented people! It was so fun to come together as a group and choose a new name for ourselves. Name suggestions were taken from company members, and then we took a poll so that everyone could have a say in the future of the company. There were so many excellent suggestions, but the winner was without a doubt Cloud Theatrics.

As a group of creative individuals, we all tend to have our heads in the clouds at least a little bit, but it is also a nod to what makes our company so special and the place where we’re all able to meet and perform together— the internet!

We hope that you are as excited as we are to continue this journey as Cloud Theatrics. In fact, our first adventure together will be coming very soon! The Red Line written by our very own Julia Whitten and directed by Kenzie Lynn Bradley will be our first show of the year! You will not want to miss it!

But the surprises do not end there! We promised you big things today, and we aim to deliver! Along with the name change and the first show of the season, we are also happy to announce Cloud Theatrics’ new podcast On Cloud Nine hosted by our Creativity Director Justin Kochetta and Technical Director Mark James! Join Justin and Mark as they talk about all things Cloud Theatrics, and they might even have a few special guests!

We are also launching our brand new Redbubble shop, so you can show your support for Cloud Theatrics wherever you go! Our Design Team has been working hard to bring you merch of your favorite productions from our Cabaret to Lady Windermere’s Fan, so check it out here: Cloud Theatrics Redbubble Shop!

Another way you can show your support for Cloud Theatrics is by becoming a member of our new Patreon launching February 10th! By becoming a Tier 1 patron you will have access to exclusive Cloud Theatrics content that you won't want to miss! When you join our Patreon, buy something from our shop, or donate to our Ko-fi, your money goes directly into funding future Cloud Theatrics’ productions. We truly could not do this without you!

We are so grateful to everyone who has been with us since our first performance of A Very Potter Musical, and we cannot wait to continue this journey with you! Thank you all!

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