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Stage Managing at Digital Dramatics

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hey there! This is Niamh here and I am one of the Production Associates of Digital Dramatics and one of the Stage Managers that worked on AVPM and our Cabaret. Most people will only know how the show ran from either the actors view point, or as an audience member, but I’m here to bring light to what went on behind the scenes for the Stage Managers as it was a very different process.

At this point in time, there has been two months since we performed the show and it has given us all time to look back at all of the fun memories and stupid video calls that we had throughout the run up to the show.


Due to being a Stage Manager, I was brought onto the production after it was cast, however that did not hinder any of us as shortly after joining the company, we started rehearsals. Rehearsals for my point of view were very difficult, due to the delay on zoom when rehearsing songs, and due to the fact that we were on different sides of the world to each other. To be able to run a show that bridged 5 different time zones, we had to become well intune with time conversions due to all of our cast and crew being in different parts of the world.

The most difficult rehearsal that any of us had to sit through was our first full cast rehearsal for choreography and music. At this moment in time myself and the 2 other Stage Managers had changed the schedule 4 times and we were getting ready to change it again as we knew that more conflicts were going to come up during this rehearsal. Not only was this rehearsal a big step on our journey to performing the show, it was also a very hilarious one too due to the fact that none of us realised the zoom would switch your cameras making you look like you were the only one lifting up a different hand, we spent roughly an hour working out how this worked.

As there were 3 Stage Managers on this production, we decided that we would split up the rehearsals between 2 of us, as the 3rd would be directing the show. Between myself and the other Stage Manager, we split up the rehearsals as equally as possible, however due to myself being in the UK, I did not take many of the late nights.

When we started on our scene rehearsals, we realised quite quickly that our schedule was missing people in some scenes and other people were in others when they did not need to be, changing the schedule became a regular thing at this point in time.


When it came to the show, myself and the 2 other Stage Managers had very different jobs. Myself and one other Stage Manager were keeping an eye on the audience, turning off cameras and mics if we needed to, as our other Stage Manager ran all of the videos, music, and introduced each scene. Whilst keeping an eye on the audience, I was also on book incase we had a problem with someone's internet as before had we had some situations with 2 of our cast not knowing if their internet would hold, and if it did not I would jump in to read their lines until they were back up and running again, luckily that did not happen.

So as you can see, the Stage Managers had a very different view of this fabulous show, make sure you head over to our Youtube to watch it and keep an eye on our socials and on here for information about our upcoming show and new things to come in the future.


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